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Adam Calaitzis engineer at Toyland Recording Studio

ADAM CALAITZIS – Audio Engineer/Music Producer/Mixing Engineer/Audio Director/Audio Assist/Studio Technician

Adam with headphones
Adam with headphones at Toyland Recording Studio

Adam Calaitzis started in the music business around 1987 playing drums in cover bands and touring Australia. Returning to Melbourne and worked in night-clubs as a sound/lighting
engineer whilst starting up a home recording studio. As Adam’s experience progressed, the studio also grew into the commercial facility Toyland Studio is today. Along the way, Adam has recorded many types of music and is equally happy micing up a Latin acoustic duo, programming synths and samplers, making TV and radio commercials, as he is recording a huge death metal drum kit. Adam’s extensive credit list shows experience in a wide variety of audio projects, and he benefits from all the lessons learnt that only 30+ years in the studio can provide. Adam will help you get your recording project done, the way you want it done!

Adam is the owner of Toyland Recording Studio and all the equipment in it, what this means to you as a client, is that you get an engineer who knows and cares for his personally chosen equipment.

Adam is also an experienced Audio Director AD/Audio Assist AA for the television broadcast of sports events, including… AFL, Hockey, NBL Basketball, and Super Rugby, BBL Cricket, Beach Volleyball, Gymnastics, Super Car/Bikes Racing. Venues include Phillip Island Grand Prix, MCG, Marvel Stadium, GMHBA Geelong, GIO Canberra, AAMI Park, Melbourne Arena, Margaret Court Arena, State Netball and Hockey Centre.

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Scott Mathews

Founder, CEO, Music Producer, Composer, Executive Producer at Hit or Myth Productions, Inc USA.

Adam Calaitzis is amazing. He is a musician who engineers with intuition like a player – he plays his studio like an instrument – that is much more rare than it sounds!
He’s got great gear and an even better ear. I look forward to working together whenever I’m in Melbourne to record (and I plan on being there a lot!).
I’m a fan of the man!

Joseph Carra, Mastering engineer, Crystal Mastering (colleague)

Over the last 16 years, I have mastered numerous projects that Adam Calaitzis has recorded and produced. The standard of mixes that he presents for mastering is always of the highest calibre. I have recommended Adam to many of my clients over the years for recording and mixing, and will continue to do so. Joe Carra Crystal Mastering

Damian Cowell (TISM, Client – Root – The DC3)

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
Adam Calaitzis has all the attributes you could want from an engineer – expertise, mastery of technology and an exacting ear – but he has an additional, rarely encountered skill – he is probably the fastest working engineer I’ve had the pleasure to deal with. He maintains extremely high standards, but with the clock ticking and the bill rising, you need a job done on time on budget, and Adam delivers every time.”

Michael Vafiadis (Client – The Life)

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Adam Calaitzis is a machine in the studio and obviously has vast experience. I learnt a great deal watching him, and was pretty amazed at how quickly he dialled in quality sounds. I came away with a quality product and would highly recommend him.

Daryl Roberts

hired Adam as a Music Recording and Production in 2010
Adam Calaitzis is exceptional in his craft with no fuss and without pressure gets the best results from his clients without effort.
I would recommend anyone to record at Toyland Studios. Worked great for my album Wall of Stone, released in 2011.

June 18, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative

Sebastian Lorefice

Composer – Sebastian Lorefice, Sansebastian Productions
worked directly with Adam at Toyland Recording Studio
“I unequivocally endorse Adam Calaitzis as being an individual that I have exclusively worked with for around a decade.
He creates a working environment that is friendly, calm and rewarding.
His skills as an engineer and producer are that of someone who has mastered all important aspects of his profession.
Personally, I have specific challenges to overcome when I’m recording a track. This is because of the varying styles of music I write.
Every challenge or problem has been overcome or solved, making the end product polished and professional.
This is partly due to Adams contribution to each project.”

Andrew Peters

Andrew hired Adam Calaitzis as an Audio production in 1998 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
Adam Calaitzis is a well-respected audio engineer and his facilities are of the highest standard. I have worked with Adam on many occasions over the last 14 years and hope to continue to do so.”

Joel Harris
Sr. Media Engineer at Alelo, Inc USA

Recording foreign language voice-over with Adam Calaitzis while monitoring from the USA has been a delight. He has gone above and beyond to accommodate remote directing, and he gives equal attention to pre-production planning, talent comfort, and final deliverables.”
February 18, 2013, Joel was Adam’s client.

Bob Knowles

The One and Only at Bob Knowles Voice Talent
“Adam Calaitzis is obsessed with great sound. Look around the studio he built, and you can see it. Work in his studio and you can feel it. Listen to anything he has produced and (of course) you can hear it”
August 16, 2013, Bob was Adam’s client.

Mike Trubetskov – EOL Studios

“I have accidentally discovered that you’ve actually mixed Sydonia’s “Reality Kicks” record. And now it finally makes sense to me why I was listening to it on repeat many times. Just wanted to really thank you for the amazing work – killer, brilliant spot-on automation, all the emotions are 10x times emphasised with it. It’s very interesting to see how one person’s touch gets the records just right and makes them of highest catchiness and impact no matter how different the material or band is. Again, thank you for your fantastic work, Adam. Just by listening to your work thoroughly, one can get his proper taste for music production”

Deryck Hunt Jr.

Spider Goat Canyon

“We recorded at Toyland Studio in Northcote, Melbourne, with Adam Calaitzis engineering. It has been a no-brainer for me regards getting the kind of drum sound I like, very live-room sound, and he has great mics. Adam is a drummer and a very experienced engineer that continually improves his studio. We recorded the majority of the material for all of our albums there and he does not mess around”