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Sol Arctica – Future World – 2023

Sol Arctica - Future World - 2023

Audio and Video made at recorded at Toyland Recording Studio, Melbourne, 2023 by Adam Calaitzis

Chris Lugton, is a musician/composer from Melbourne, Australia, son of Tony Lugton ex Pseudo Echo and James Freud & The Radio Stars. Music has been in his blood and he took to composing music on synthesisers at a young age. Early exposure to bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy to Synth rock groups acts such as Gary Numan, Devo & Japan lead to the Electric Guitar and Synthesiser being his weapons of choice. During his high school years he became exposed to heavy metal and discovered a passion for the electric guitar and began a journey to become a virtuoso guitarist whilst his ability to compose electronic music in other genres had laid dormant. After playing around the Melbourne scene for a while he found moderate success with the hard rock band Kill Shott as lead guitarist. Later he managed to perform as a guest guitarist at Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany in 2014 with legendary thrash metal band Sodom. Back in Australia, he joined Melbourne rockers Grandhour on double guitar/keyboard the band went on to win best rock artist at the Australian Independent Music Awards in 2016. In 2019 Chris started the project "Sol Arctica" as an artistic and musical expression, to be able to visualise a record and have complete control and freedom on the music without conflicting tastes and directions. After dusting off the synthesisers I found my ideas and concepts can be limitless whilst still being fun and engaging whilst experimenting into uncharted territory. Sol Arctica, whilst at the moment is a solo project, will eventually evolve and will invite many guest musicians in the near future. Due to the pandemic, Chris has not seeked to work towards live shows and focused primarily on his recordings and establishing a sound.