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The Bittermen – Recording of On All Sides at Toyland Recording Studio

Horse London – Screwed Blue and Tattooed 2018 – recorded and mixed at Toyland by Adam Calaitzis

Subterfuge – Unhinged -2017   recorded and mixed at Toyland by Adam Calaitzis


A new song and video from the album “The Last Days of Fenwyck” by the beautiful ‘Friends of Alice Ivy’

Recorded and mixed in 2017 at Toyland Recording Studio by Adam Calaitzis

The Terraces, Rock’N’Roll is King, recorded and mixed at Toyland,  video shot at Toyland

From the brutal new 2015 Broozer full length ‘II’ comes the clip ‘Witchcraft.’ Broozer are a technical stoner metal band from Melbourne, Australia.    Drums were tracked at Toyland Recording Studio by Adam Calaitzis


Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes have unveiled a video for their introspective alt-country ballad Afraid Of The Light, from the album The Mountain, which features vocals, guitars, bass, drums and brass overdubs recorded at Toyland Recording Studio in Northcote, with Adam Calaitzis at the board.





Holy Moses Heartache, had their 2016 album “Your Welcome” mixed at Toyland by Adam Calaitzis



Toyland 2014 Demo showreel



Toyland 2012 Demo showreel



Toyland 2004 Demo showreel


Divine Ascension – Liberator Official Video 2015

Mammoth Mammoth – Lookin’ Down The Barrel – album tracked at Toyland 2014

I Touch Myself Project 2014

The Arbiter – Allergic 2014


Toyland Recording Studio “Rock Bands” Showreel

IKON – Stolen 2014

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