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King Parrot

King Parrot


Producer Jason Fuller brought King Parrot into Toyland to track drums, bass, and the first guitar; they’re a crossover/grindcore band that packs a punch as a dissonant heavy art piece, with a liberal dash of black humour. Capturing the raw energy of the performers was essential, and pulling the best possible sounds, so the producer could move on securely with the rest of the production. I’ve worked with Jason on a range of projects, and we’ve developed a rapport. Whenever I’m strictly wearing the hat of engineer, my experience as a producer allows me to give my guest producer the space, freedom and support they need, for them to create and grow, to get their personality and aesthetic to drive the project. I can seamlessly interpret cues as engineer, and that’s another really cool way of co-creating a record here at Toyland.

“[Adam] has one of what I think is the best sounding drum rooms in Melbourne. I really love that room. That and the fact that Adam works quickly. He’s a good guy to have on your side when your working with a small budget… and he gets a good drum sound fast… He’s kinda old school in the ‘you’re not paying me to have an opinion’ type of way – like if he’s not being paid to be producer – and that’s really great when you don’t need another opinion. Over the years we have built up a trust and I know that he is going to give me exactly what I need to work with, without fuss, and the end result will rule.” [Jason Fuller, Producer of King Parrot’s ‘Bite Your Head Off’]

King Parrot Guitars
King Parrot Guitars

‘Bite Your Head Off’ was released domestically on Impedance Records in 2012 to positive response.

“A calculated piece of extreme art, with strong musicianship and a production job skilfully left just on the right side of raw and dirty.” [ Rod Whitfield, Beat]

“The skillful blending of styles compliments the grinding intensity at the core of King Parrot’s sound, giving the album a surprisingly wide dynamic scope… Despite some old school influences Bite Your Head Off has a very contemporary feel, particularly with the modern though edgy production job, which features relatively clean, heavy and robust tones. The guitar tone is particularly tasty, imbued with a raw, serrated edge and ample heft to offset the cleaner aspects of the recording. The drums have plenty of low-end and crisp organic tones…” [Luke Saunders, Teeth of the Divine Zine]


The band deservedly landed a multiple record deal with Candlelight Records, who are providing them with great distribution and media support for the extreme metal niche. This album was not only released in the standard digital forms (CD and iTunes), but also on vinyl LP. A music video for the song ‘Dead End’, produced and directed by Dan Farmer, is a highly entertaining nod to Stephen King’s iconic horror novel ‘The Shining’ (and Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation), and was filmed at iconic Melbourne pub The Tote. The band are recently returned from a very successful North American Tour, including playing the SXSW convention. King Parrot were Winners of The Age Music Victoria Award in the category of Best Heavy Album for 2013.

In 2014 Max Cavalera put King Parrot ‘Bite Your Head Off‘ in his top 7 Albums www.tonedeaf.com.au/428295/x-albums-changed-killer-killeds-lives.htm

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King Parrot Drums
King Parrot Drums